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Brass Faucets



  Metal vessel faucet
  Lead Free
  Brushed Nickel Finish


SLS9ASLVR  Metal single lever shower valve   kit
  Pressure balancing anti-scald     feature
  Chrome finish
  All Trim included

Brass product 
Meets Lead requirements
Will consider all take all offers
Wholesale box

OFFER 2019

White Technik cabinets

AKC 2502 18” Wall Cabinet = 158 pc

AKC 2515 36” Blind Corner= 234 pc

AKC 2514 15” Drawer Base= 118pc

AKC 2505 Diagonal Corner Wall= 167 pc

AKC 2513 12” Base Unit= 76pc

AKC 2511 24” Base Unit= 53 pc

AKC 2506 15” Double Door Wall= 141 pc

AKC 2512 18” Base Unit= 173 pc

AKC 2500 36” Double Door Wall= 42 pc

AKC 2504 12” Wall Cabinet= 124 pc

AKC 2503 15” Wall Cabinet= 100

Total Pieces= 1386

Cabinets are 5/8 inch and ¾ inch MDF.
All boxes come knocked down in their own packaging, with door handles, door hinges and doors.

$25 a box

FOB Mckinney, TX
take all deal buy

High Quality Residential Hydrants with Vacuum Breakers

Be a player clean out the warehouse and make some great money.
Our pain is your gain

Products are factory direct shipment

Products come with warranty
Download Product List here: Click Here

Plastic Elongated Toilet Seats

These seats were made as components for a toilet in a box program.


30000 pieces

We have them at 150 seats per skid.
3900 per truck

The master carton contains 10 inner cartons, each containing one seat.  These seats are individually boxed & polybagged.

There is no UPC on either the master or the inner carton
Mfg cost $9
Selling price $4.50
Seat Weight: 2lbs 14oz

Price cut on A/B grade toilets

15-25% Price cut on all products

2 truckloads ADA bikini pack. 450 tanks and bowls per truck. $39.00 FOB Laredo TX Bowl is Bikini packed, tank is boxed

2 truckloads ADA all in one with seat. 350 sets per truck. $49.00. FOB Pharr, TX

2 truckloads One piece elongated toilet with seat. 400 per truck $59.00 FOB FOB Pharr, TX

1 truckload. Mini Toilet (commercial small child toilet bowl for schools) 500 sets include seat $59.00. FOB Pharr, TX

Multiple trucks Victorian style toilet and Pedestal / Lav set mix colors (white/bone/marble swirl) $88.00 set 4 pieces. FOB FOB Pharr, TX

Product can be combined for a full truckload.
Terms Net 30 subject to credit approval.

B+ Vanity Tops

B+ Vanity Tops by the Truckload

These vanities have minimal
imperfections and are fully functional


Packaged, strapped, & shrinkwrapped with corners on pallets, stacked 10 high per pallet.  Truckloads only on 53 ft. trailers with an average order of 500 pieces.

$15 per top (minimum 2 truckloads)

The typical mix of product colors is:

  • 1/3 solid color
  • 1/3 veined marble
  • 1/3 satin stone (faux granite)

Many are premium tops in fashion bowl profiles, including wave, olympic, duo-tones, with 1 1/2 inch beveled edge.  Single and double bowls.



Air Ride Van Required

Trailer Arrangements Below



Dual Flush Converter and Quiet Fill Valve

Dual Flush converter and quiet fill fa

Item Number HYF450 20840 pieces @ $5.25 each 500 pieces: $5.25
1000 pieces: 5.10
1500 or more pieces: $4.95 FOB TX

Each case = 5 pcs Case (MP) dims: Height 13.8”
Width 8.27”
Length 19.2” Weight 9.4 lbs
Full pallet = 240 pcs

(48 cases / MPs)

Includes both Dual Flush converter and quiet fill valve.  Designed to eliminate all common toilet problems, combines two award-winning products that will increase your toilet's efficiency and save water and money year after year. No more leaky flapper, tangled chains or handles that have to be jiggled. The Hydro-Flush Dual Flush Converter quickly and easily converts a standard toilet into a two-button, dual flush toilet. One button is the Quick Flush setting that uses significantly lower water volumes for liquids and paper. The second Full Flush button uses the normal amount of water for solids. Designed for drop-in installation, the Hydro-Flush is the converter that can be installed without tools and without having to remove the tank. It is also the only dual flush converter that has been proven to reduce indoor water usage The Hydro-Clean Toilet Fill Valve solves the two biggest reasons for water loss in toilets – mis-calibration and leaks. Ordinary fill valves send water to the bowl throughout the entire tank-filling cycle. The Hydro-Clean can be calibrated to adjust the exact amount of water needed. It also detects leaks and signals when a leak is found. the feature-rich Hydro-Clean cleans the tank, fits all standard toilets and installs easily without tools. Both products were invented by a fourth generation plumber as an affordable way for consumers to quickly and easily save money and water. They have both received national recognition by numerous industry and consumer organizations and have been applauded for their innovation and water savings in national media.


  • Easy to install
  • Includes both Dual Flush Converter and Quiet Fill Valve
  • Retail packaging
  • Works in low-flow or standard toilets
  • Eliminate common toilet problems!
  • Save up to 15,000 gallons of water every year
  • Will pay for itself through water conservation and related sewage charges

Water Hydrants: Half & Full Turn

We are looking for offers to help us clear out these "Grade A" water hydrants (half & full turn).



Franke Faucets

Fabulous Faucet Deal!

Franke Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray

Packed in white box. 8,000 currently available. FOB MA.



  • $24: 100 - 250
  • $23: 251 - 750
  • $22: 751 - 1000
  • $20: 1001+

Quality construction. Grade A product. Call today!

Click here to view product information and pricing details.

Contact us via email or call 309.282.9170 for more information, or to place an order. We will respond immediately!

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes!

Two options — ideal for hunting, work, or hobby

21,000 pairs

YOUR COST $1.40 ea.
Retail: $5.99 ea.

  • Minimum order 300 pair

  • Same specs as shooting glasses

  • No bar codes

  • Clear lenses

  • Two-tone frames: red/blk, orange/blk, blue/blk, grey/blk

  • Package: 3 each per dozen

6,500 pairs


  • (I Relex cf-cl)

  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 Standards for use in industrial applications

  • Shatterproof polycarboonate lenses

  • UV400 filter for maximum UV protection

  • Scratch resistant coating

  • Bend to shape temples

  • Rubber tips

  • Rubber nose pads
  • Clear lenses

Click here to view product information and pricing details.

Contact us via email or call 309.282.9170 for more information, or to place an order. We will respond immediately!

Ronbow Cabinets

Top-Quality Craftsmanship!

All items manufactured by Ronbow undergo a thorough 10-Step Finishing Process. This process ensures a long lasting product with a waterproof, ultra-heavy duty varnish. Cabinet interiors match exterior finish.
Numerous styles available!
  • Solid Hardwood Frames Construction* — All Ronbow cabinets have solid wood frame construction for high durability. Absolutely NO PARTICLE BOARD or other cheap fillers are used. Ronbow cabinets are designed to last!
  • Hardwood Plywood* — Absolutely no particle board, HDF or Micro-Density Fiberboard MDF are used in Ronbow vanities!
  • All plywood used meets strict CARB Standards.

Click here to view product information

FOB: Northern CA. Full truckloads only. All-wood cabinets, fully assembled. Grade A from the factory.

Contact us via email or call 309.282.9170 for more information, or to place an order. We will respond immediately!

Interior Doors

Why Pay More?!

Pine & Oak Interior Slabs, Standard Height, 1 3/8" thick
Most: 24"-36"
Some: 18"-20"

Can have some 15 Lite, 9 Lite, Full Lite that are 1 3/4" B Grade

Approximately 30 Per Skid / 500 Per Truck

$32 EA

Click here to view product information

Contact us for a special truckload deal!
Call Mike Fravala at (309) 282-9170 or email.


BP Shingles — Dakota & Yukon

$44 per square, several colors available!

  • All #1 

  • 1/16" to 1/8" plus or minus from normal length, not all of them with variance

  • F.O.B. Memphis

  • AS IS with Warranty

  • Call or email for multi-truck orders


Contact us via email or call 309.282.9170 to place an order!



Zinc Alloy Bathroom Tub Spouts

Zinc Alloy Bathroom Tub Spouts

Finding functional solutions and offering new levels of performance in simplicity of design is the goal of Specialty Tech LTD. This selection of fashionable bathroom tub spouts showcases products and styles appealing to both the traditional or contemporary consumer. The line features spouts with a modern, yet timeless design to fit any space. Electronic plating lines include a 72 meter automatic line for high volume items in chrome finish and a semi-automatic line for other various finishes including heavier chrome, brushed nickel, satin, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass and polished brass. Custom matched finishes are also available.

Zinc Diverter and Tub Spouts:

  • In house die cast, polish, buff and plate creates the best finish possible.
  • Spouts available in front end IPS connections, slip fit, adjustable, and rear threaded.
  • Chien Hau chrome passes the accelerated 96 our salt spray test!
  • The factory has 500 employees who operate the in-house tooling shop machining, tumbling, buffing, polishing, plating and assembling.
  • Click here for the  Zinc Alloy Bathroom Tub Spouts Product Specifications Brochure

Contact us for more information or to discuss an order